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Holistic SEO


SEO is no longer only link building nor it is just traditional On-page and Off-Page optimization. SEO has drastically evolved over the last couple of years and  is now a way more complete and complex process. Holistic SEO is that process! A synergistic Online Marketing strategy that employs a selection of online channels and other related elements of marketing together with SEO. The word Holism comes from the Greek word holos which means all, whole, entire, total and that is exactly my approach to SEO.



I am very curious and that helps me evolve my holistic process. I keep a thirst for knowledge by trying out new tools,  testing creative strategies, being active in the SEO community and by keeping myself always up to date with the industry. I am a data driven professional that likes to find opportunities behind numbers. I am currently deepening my knowledge in areas such as analytics, adwords and social media. This website will be used for such experiments and all data from studies will be shared all the time.

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I want to share all I know about Online Marketing with you, know what you think about it and try to find the answers you seek for your questions. By doing so, I am sure I will learn as much from you as you will from me. Wait no longer and start now by looking at the…

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